Top management or Executive management is generally a team of individuals at the highest level of organizational management... view more
Middle management is a layer of management in an organization whose primary job responsibility is to monitor activities of subordinates while reporting... view more
Qualifications at this level recognize basic knowledge and skills and the ability to apply learning in everyday situations under direct guidance... view more
Temporary work or temporary employment refers to a situation where the employee is expected to leave the employer within a certain period of time... view more
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  • Data Base Recruitment
    Data Base Recruitment is probably the most popular method of recruitment. It allows clients a greater degree of flexibility. Clients have the opportunity to interview candidates on a “no hire no fee” basis and even evaluate our candidates against their own or those sourced elsewhere.Database Recruitment is the fastest recruitment services, designed for clients that are recruiting staff at all levels and are looking to get them immediately. Our database currently consists of candidates at all levels, either actively seeking a new challenge, or those that are registered waiting for that ideal opportunity.Database Recruitment servi
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  • Mass Recruitment
    Work Experience Mass Recruitment Service was established as a direct response to our customers’ need for the project management of large and ongoing permanent or contract recruitment requirements. The Mass Recruitment involves attracting and managing a significant number of applications, according with a large number of vacancies received from our clients. Mass Recruitment is an integrated and complex process having special components that include bigger logistics resources, mass-media advertising, the reception and classification of candidates, implementing an effective system of evaluation and psychological screening.Work Experi
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  • Research Recruitment
    Research Recruitment is designed for clients that are recruiting management level staff, require specific types of candidates from typically narrow vertical markets and require their company name to remain confidential during the search. Work Experience will provide a shortlist of candidates within a 3-weeks period from the client’s point of authorization. The objective of Research Recruitment is to ensure that by headhunting, and in some cases anonymous advertising, that the best candidates available at the time of the search are short-listed for our clients. More recently, Research Recruitment has been used by clients
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  • HR Outsourcing
    HR Outsourcing is designed for clients that require all or part of their HR requirement to be outsourced. The objective of HR Outsourcing is to improve the profitability of our clients. This is achieved by providing continuity of service, quality of service and responsibility for performance. Work Experience offers a service that allows our clients to achieve cost savings in many areas; some more obvious like the reduction in the number of staff needed to administer the payroll, recruitment and other HR functions and, in the longer term, the reduction in office space and all the associated office equipment consumable
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  • Payroll Outsoursing
    Payroll Outsourcing is designed for clients who want to concentrate on their business goals and move their focus away from internal process management. Work Experience Payroll Outsourcing service will ensure that client’s staff receive the right amount of salary at the right time, pay slips are provided to the staff (with the client’s logos if required) before the salary transfer date and any staff payroll questions and concerns are given the highest priority. In addition, it is Work Experience’s responsibility to ensure that all legal and government tax requirements are fulfilled in line with the requirements of
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  • Contract and Temporary Staff Outsourcing
    Contract and Temporary Staff Outsourcing Services is designed for clients who typically, and on short notice, want to employ staff for a fixed length of time. For various reasons such as seasonal work, unplanned orders, new product launches, fairs, maternity leave, accidents, sick leave or holidays, your company may need at any time additional staff solutions. Work Experience combines our recruitment teams with our payroll and HR Outsourcing Services to achieve a complete Contract and Temporary Outsourcing Staff solution. Work Experience’s Contract and Temporary Staff Outsourcing service allows our clients to
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  • Assessment and background check serivces
    Hiring a new employee is one of the most important responsibilities a company will experience while conducting business. Having a position open represents an opportunity to bring a highly skilled person into your organization. However, new employees may also represent an increased risk by exposing your organization, clients, and customers to someone who may not have been completely honest when you hired them. A background check is your opportunity to verify information provided by the candidates selected outside from our date base or any other sours and reveals information that was either mistakenly or inten
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  • Psychological assessment
    Upon request Work Experience provides you with a psychologist specialized in evaluating your staff The psychologist will report the evaluation results contain both the individual and organizational human resource plan, the level of creativity as well as aspects of therapeutic value. Evaluation reports will also contain information on individual communication skills, education and training needs and solutions to optimize activity and maximize your staff efficiency.
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  • Job advertising
    One of the most efficient services offered FREE to all our partners is posting unlimited jobs directly on our web site!We want to make common cause with our partners, that's why the Job offers posted will be also presented by our recruiters to all the candidates selected who match your requirements.The Hot Jobs management was built to be in a continuous interactive communication with both our recruiters and the candidates that you are interested in.Including all the features of this service and enjoying the active support of our recruiters we guaranty the proper staffing solutions in an optimal time.Create your account today
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